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Des idées de collation pour les jeunes enfants

Snack ideas for young children

Being a parent is a challenge, and when comes the time to plan meals and snacks, our culinary creativity is put to the test to find something healthy and tasty for our growing child. To be a good energy source for children, a snack needs to contain glucids and proteins.

1. Glucids

Why glucids? Are we talking about sugar here? Children spend a lot of energy and need a rapid source of that energy to nourish their cognitive functions. We find a lot of glucids in those three food groups: cereals, fruits and veggies and milk products (and substitutes).

  • fresh fruits (strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears, blueberries, bananas, etc.)
  •  fruit compote 
  • fresh veggies (carrots, celeris, cucumbers, mushrooms, bell peppers)
  • low sodium crackers
  • homemade muffin
  • banana bread
  • energy balls
  • granola bars
  • yogurt 

2. Proteins

Proteins make the snacks sustainable and allow children enough energy until the next meal. We find proteins in meat and substitutes and in milk products. 

  • peanut butter (be mindful of allergies, check with your school administration for any restrictions)
  • nuts (see note above)
  • hummus
  • cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, cottage, etc)
  • Milk or soy drinks
  • yogurt
  • dessert tofu

To create a healthy snack, it's as simple as 1 + 1 ! Choose one product rich in glucids combined with one rich in proteins and here you go! You just made a perfect healthy snack for your child.

Last step is to put those healthy snacks in a reusable snack bag like our LiliSnack from Les Confections Lili. Eco-friendly and washable, they're ideal to transport all your healthy little snacks in style!


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