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5 changements faciles pour être plus écoresponsables

5 easy changes to be more eco-responsible

Our children reproduce what they see. It's time for them to teach them that small gestures contribute to big changes.

1. Reduce your meat consumption

    The consumption of meat has many harmful effects on our planet… Among others, the destruction of the soil, the production of greenhouse gases, the pollution of water, in addition to the pesticides present in the cereals given to animals… Not to mention the massive waste of water! As for greenhouse gases, they are produced by the digestion of ruminants and the use of fertilizers for crops and represent more than 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It's starting to do a lot. Don't want to drastically switch to vegetarianism? Start by incorporating a meat-free day at home. Every gesture counts.

    2. Use washable products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, bags, etc.

    Of course this one speaks to us strongly. 😉 Not to mention the hormones and chemicals contained in disposable hygiene products, the amount of oil used to make these products is monumental! We are also talking about twice the water consumption required for manufacturing. By making the switch to can even save considerable! Just good.

    3. Compost!

    Composting is, nowadays, an increasingly popular way to reduce pollution concerning waste: fruits and vegetables, pasta without sauce, bread, grass, etc. They all go in the compost. This waste will then degrade much more quickly than at the landfill site in a garbage bag! In addition, they will form a beneficial fertilizer for our beautiful planet.

    4. Avoid single-use products.

    Think carefully when making a purchase. Will this product last? Here are some products to avoid, as eco-friendly and reusable alternatives are now being sold:

    • Disposable dishes and utensils
    • Packaged fruits and vegetables
    • Shampoo and soap
    • Toothbrushes, cotton swabs, razors, make-up remover pads
    • Straws
    • Battery
    • Grocery and fruit and vegetable bags
    • Bottle of water
    • Tissues and toilet paper

    5. Buy local!

    In addition to allowing people from here to do good business, buying local also allows to foster short transport circuits, which, as everyone knows, has a real impact on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. For us too, this makes all the difference. Imagine: A member of our team works for a local company, receives his pay and then strives to benefit another local company which, in turn, can pay their employees as well. His money stays in Quebec and makes it possible to support several fine companies along the way.

    Most of the products mentioned here are available on our website at www.lesconfectionslili.ca

    Otherwise, I invite you to take the time today to discuss it with your children and those around you. Take the time to find new Quebec companies either through social media or directly by walking in your local downtown area.


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