Made in Quebec

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    Les Confections Lili partners with local businesses to bring you extraordinary locally made products.

    We present to you one of the little marvels developed by Créations M3 in partnership with Les Créations Gabi.

    Menstrual panties by Créations M3 in collaboration with Les Créations Gabi

    Menstrual night panties that include an absorbent insert integrated into the panties made of 2 layers of 500 gsm bamboo. The protection is equivalent to a super size sanitary napkin. You will therefore find your favorite M3 panties with the menstrual protection tested and approved by many women signed Les Créations Gabi in your favorite Les Confections Lili patterns!    

        * Creations M3 adult panties being in pre-order, allow a possible delay of 4 weeks for the shipment of your order.
        ** Pattern positioning varies from panty to panty.
        • To maintain elasticity, wash garments in cold water with like colors on a gentle cycle.
        • Avoid washing it in large loads containing denim-type garments or having zippers that could catch on the fabric.
        • Air dry or low heat.
        • Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

          Made in Quebec

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          Culottes menstruelles