Fabriqué au Québec

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    Our BST pre-orders are handled by our dedicated Facebook community admins: BST

    The goal is simple! Make YOU happy as a privileged member of our beautiful community! What there is to know :

    • This is a partially blind purchase: the purchase must be completed immediately. The choice of color of PUL and snaps will be made AFTER purchase.
    • Know that it is a risk that you accept by obtaining this article! * We will respect the given category of the print by giving a feminine/unisex or masculine/unisex tendency in the choices offered.
    • The choices of possible layouts will be presented on the Facebook group (see the link above). A short form will be made available to you, and to the extent that a choice is offered, you must provide your response by completing the short form which will be made available to you and returning it to Customer Service within the prescribed period. Without feedback from you, the layout will be left to the choice of the workshop. Little idea for the bravest: do not fill it and you will have a great surprise!

    WARNING! Only privileged members of our Facebook community will have access to this form. If you are not part of this group, you can also pre-order, but the arrangement will be made at the choice of the chef, that is to say of the workshop!

    Note: In either case, no refund will be possible if the layout does not suit you.


    * Absorbent inserts are sold separately

    ** Although we have made every effort to photograph the colors in natural light, there may still be a difference between the actual color on screen versus when the product is printed.

    *** Pre-orders are non-refundable or exchangeable.

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    Couche à poche