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Hanging waterproof bag | Mystery of the month (May) | Splish splash in the baseyard! (pre-order)

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    Mystery accessory of the month!

    How it works:

    Available for pre-order on the 20th of each month for 72 hours only (3 days)

    All Mystery Products are shipped at the same time and a specific opening date and time will be indicated on the envelope.

    When the time is right, a simultaneous opening will take place by all our customers who will have the mystery item in hand on our BST page!

    Mystery accessories such as carrying bags, hanging bags, Lilipods, LiliMulti, etc. may be available for ready-to-go and pre-order at unveiling. Pre-ordering, however, allows you to receive your products at the big reveal rather than having to pre-order them afterwards. Only the mystery diapers will no longer be offered thereafter.


    This is a hanging laundry bag for soiled diapers by Les confections Lili. The hanging bag is made of two layers of 100% polyester laminated polyester (PUL) and a patterned band for the most elegant look.

    The dimensions of the bag are 13.5" wide by 23" tall. Its two snap fasteners allow the bag to be attached to a pole or hooks.

    The bag can store 17 one size diapers with their day inserts.


    * Pre-orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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    Sac imperméable