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    Potty training pants that limit mess on the floor, car seat or sofa. Ideal for stimulating the child's autonomy in toilet training.

    The pattern may vary depending on the positioning of the fabric.

    Size chart

    The height is comparable to the actual age of the child.

    18 months: child aged 18-24 months (About 20 lbs)
    2 years: child aged +/- 2 years (about 25 lbs)
    3 years: child aged +/- 3 years (Approximately 30 lbs)
    4 years old: child aged +/- 4 years (Approximately 35 lbs)

      Advice on the maintenance of washable diapers

      Store soiled cloth diapers in a dry, ventilated place. Discard stool, do not rinse or soak;

      Wash diapers every two or three days;

      Perform a short first wash cycle in cold water, without laundry soap, in order to dislodge the bulk of the urination;

      Run a second long wash cycle in hot water, with the amount of soap recommended for a heavily soiled load;

      Cloth diapers can be tumble dried, it is recommended to send them there from time to time in order to tighten the seams and thus prevent leaks. Do not handle them when they are hot;

      Do not use fabric softener or soap containing fabric softener;

      Do not bleach (If applicable, no warranty is applicable on the product);

      Do not use diaper rash cream containing any form of petroleum jelly or paraffin;


      Manufacturer's warranty

      The warranty for Confections Lili products is limited to manufacturing defects. It is applicable for three (3) months following the purchase.

      If your product has a manufacturing defect, please contact Les Confections Lili describing the problem encountered and providing photos or video of the product under warranty at the following address: in fo@lesconfectionslili.ca

      Made in Quebec

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