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Are you expecting a baby and want to find the perfect blanket? Or are you looking for a new cuddly toy for your child? No worries Les Confections Lili understands the importance of the presence of soft toys for young children! Before choosing your cuddly toy, it is important to know that the design is not the only criterion to consider when buying. So here is a little guide to help you choose a suitable comforter for your child!

Who are we?

Les Confections Lili is a company committed to serving its customers. One of our priorities is to offer not only human and attentive customer service, but also local products in order to reduce the environmental footprint of families.

Indeed, made ethically in Quebec, our company contributes directly to the development of the local economy and the development of many families here. Each product is handcrafted with precision and meticulousness in order to offer you a product of impeccable quality. Additionally, we have been aiming to reduce families' environmental footprint by 2015. In 2020 alone, we will have saved approximately 7,980,000 disposable diapers from landfill. A fact of which we are particularly proud!

The environment and customer service being a priority at Confections Lili, we also offer a rewards program. Thus, in addition to shopping locally and having access to a variety of eco-responsible products, you can accumulate rewards and exchange them for products in store.

What is the baby comforter for?

Comforters help babies feel safe and comfortable, and get them used to separation

Indeed, this type of baby blanket is a source of comfort for the toddler: he can use it as a "bridge" between the known (the parents) and the unknown. From birth, the parent can give a comforter to their baby as an object of comfort: the baby will feel more secure if he holds it close to him. It is also a good tool for the development of young children. Thanks to this blanket, the child can:

  • Wait for parents to return without fear or stress;
  • Slowly getting used to not always being in someone's presence;
  • Have more confidence when discovering new places or experiencing new situations;

How to use a baby comforter safely?

However, it is important to be well informed about the precautions and recommendations regarding the use of a child's blanket. Indeed, letting a baby sleep with his cuddly toy must be done with care and take into consideration certain elements, in particular the size and weight of the cuddly toy to prevent the child from suffocating or suffocating.

Some professionals advise against leaving a cuddly toy in a baby's bed if he is under two years old since the risk of sudden infant death syndrome may increase. Of course this is a recommendation, not an obligation.

How to choose a baby comforter?

Choosing a cuddly toy for your baby is not rocket science, but there are still some criteria that must be taken into consideration when buying and that can help guide your choice.

First, it's important to consider maintenance . Indeed, it is recommended to opt for a machine washable comforter as the comforter becomes an integral part of your child in the first years of life, so it is essential to wash it regularly. So it is much more practical to have a cuddly toy that can be machine washed!

Second, comfort and softness. Indeed, it is important to take into account the seasons in your choice of coverage. For example, cotton is a material that breathes much more and is therefore more suitable for spring or summer.

Third, the size of the comforter is another criterion that must be taken into consideration when buying. Indeed, you do not want a blanket that is too big for your baby and again, nor a blanket that is too small.

Finally, the aesthetic aspect . Obviously the aesthetic aspect is not a fundamental criterion, but as your child will grow up with his cuddly toy, the aesthetic aspect should not be neglected. In addition, there is now a wide variety of adorable models and designs, and it is even possible to have them personalized! Isn't that great?

Make sure you choose the right comforter!

A child finds it hard to accept a change of bedding, especially a comforter he has had since he was very young. The presence of the blankets is part of a carefully acquired comfort system for a few weeks or months: the smell and the feeling that the blanket has acquired during its stay in the child's life is what reassures him. The baby is very sensitive to smells, so even if two doggies look exactly the same, they are always different.

That's why we recommend that you buy a quality comforter that will last for many years. Even for some old children, the blanket from their childhood is a very important memory: make sure it lasts a long time!

How to choose the right size comforter for your child?

The size of a cuddly toy is a fundamental criterion when it comes to choosing a blanket for your child. Here are some criteria to consider when it comes time to choose the size of the comforter. 

Size of a comforter for a baby

A cuddly toy is essential from the moment your baby is born. Why ? At birth your baby is not yet able to regulate his body temperature, so the use of a blanket is inevitable. It is recommended to bring from the first days a muslin of 70 x 90 to put baby. It is important to ensure that the cuddly toy is not too big so as not to get in the way when covering your child or when carrying it. 

Size of a cuddly toy for a baby from 18 months

As your baby grows, their needs change with them. While it is no longer necessary to wrap your baby as at birth, the use of a cuddly toy is always useful, especially during the cold season. For a 70x140 or 60x120 cm bed, you can opt for a 90x180 cm blanket. It will allow you to perfectly cover a child's bed.

Do the comforters come in different sizes?

Yes! The comforters on sale are available in different sizes, either in single, double or quadruple sizes. Here is a small size guide in centimeters to guide you in your research. 

Single: 70 cm by 90 cm

Double: 90 cm by 142 cm

Quadruple: 90 cm by 182 cm

Can I add custom embroidery to a comforter?

The answer is yes! Indeed, at Confections Lili we offer the service of adding a personalized embroidery when you order a pre-order comforter. Indeed, the embroidery can only be done on the covers in regular or personalized pre-orders, because it must be done before the assembly of the fabrics. The option is therefore not available for our ready-to-go products. You have the option to embroider the first name only, or the name and birth information.


The font, special symbols, designs and colors of the embroidery will be selected by Oops to offer an aesthetic and harmonious rendering as presented in the examples in photos. Please enter the desired information in the comments, taking care to check the spelling. No exchange or refund will be granted in the event of a typing error. Since first names are entered in many different ways today, we will assume that the information entered in the comments is the one desired for the embroidery. Embroidery made by Oops, a Quebec company

How to take care of your baby's comforter?

The maintenance of the comforters is very simple, they can be washed with your regular wash. And yes, they do not require any particular maintenance. They can be tumble dried without a problem.

However, it is important not to bleach, since in this case, no guarantee is applicable on the product.